Help for the caretakers.

Do you have a loved one who is in crisis? Is your child or partner continuing to struggle in spite of their participation in outpatient therapy? Or maybe your loved one has been in-and-out of treatment for years now... Caring for someone who is ill takes a significant toll on the family. While a lot of energy is directed towards the person in crisis, it is important to acknowledge your own need for support.

Prior to going into practice, I worked for over 6 years in residential treatment for adult women with eating disorders, and for 5 of those years, I served as Clinical Director. Through that work, I heard the heart-wrenching stories of hundreds of families. I have a profound appreciation for the various ways that a family may be impacted by a psychiatric illness in a child or partner. I also have a deep body of knowledge and understanding about levels of care and gauging the appropriate type of treatment to meet your loved one's needs. Moreover, I can help you process and manage your feelings about your loved one's challenges, and support you during this stressful and difficult period. I can also help you develop tools to navigate the various issues that you might be facing at this time.  Support offered can include:

  • Pre-treatment counseling
    • Helping you to identify the proper treatment setting/level of care for your loved one
    • Help your loved one recognize the need for treatment
    • Help you navigate the process of finding the right treatment setting and beginning an admission process
  • Parental or partner coaching and support while loved one is in care
    • Supporting you and your family with the challenges that come with having a loved one who is struggling
    • Helping you navigate and cope with issues that may come up while your loved one is in treatment (i.e. communication with your loved one; setting limits and boundaries; making decisions about your loved one's care; figuring out how to best support your loved one; arranging adequate aftercare support).

You can't help someone else if your well is empty. And you don't have to go through it alone.